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Company Background

On 10 November 2011 the exciting new Chrissanthie Cosmetics eye and body care range was born in South Africa.  The eye care product range was the first of its kind to be designed and produced by an Ophthalmologist and Pharmacist – co-founders Dr Chrissie Cockinos and Christine Deist.


The Chrissanthie eye and body care range has expanded internationally and we have suppliers in no fewer than 22 countries worldwide, including representation in the USA, Canada, Europe, China, Japan, Australia and Africa.

Our Products

The products are divided into 2 ranges, namely an eye care and a body care range of products. The eye care range consists of and eyelid cleanser with tea tree, an anti-ageing serum and an eye cream, while the body care range consists of an exfoliator, shower gel and lotion.

Chrissanthie sees its greatest growth potential in the eye care range and an exciting expansion of products is planned for the short to medium term.

Our Markets 

The company operates in 3 different market segments. The first is the social media platform, which services both the international and local beauty industry on a digital platform. The second is the local beauty industry in South Africa, where the sales representatives call on targeted individual salons. The third and newest market segment is the Healthcare Sector where the target audiences are Ophthalmologists, Optometrists and Pharmacies.

The primary product in this sector is the eyelid cleanser with tea tree and the communication strategy is around the very difficult-to-treat disease area of Blepharitis, where current clinical evidence demonstrates a strong correlation between cleansing with tea tree and a reduction in the prevalence of this disease.

Chrissanthie’s eyelid cleanser clearly differentiates itself in this market by being the only product in its class that has been designed by an Ophthalmologist.

Chrissanthie Cosmetics finds itself at a very exciting and opportunistic time in its lifespan and the possibilities for growth in each of these market sectors creates much hope and belief in our Vision: To produce the very best quality solutions for our customers.

Testimonials & Reviews

Dr. Chrissie Cockinos


She was born in Central Africa amid the civil war. She grew up in Zimbabwe and studied Biochemistry, Genetics and Medicine before Specialising in Ophthalmology at Pretoria and Wits Universities. She also has a special interest in landscape art and all things pertaining to beauty and glamour in women.

Chrissie  started the company with her good friend Christine Deist who adds her distinct flair in Pharmaceutical skills to the cauldron. The company is about women, by women, and for women in South Africa.

Chrissie is married and lives in Johannesburg with her husband and daughter and her menagerie of cats and dogs. She runs a busy private ophthalmology practice in Sandhurst and still paints in her free time.

She hopes to add her ophthalmology expertise to the business of making great eye products especially gentle and hypoallergenic for the sensitive area around our eyes. Chrissie is Chrissanthie Cosmetics’ Chief Executive Officer

Cosmetics Manufacturing

The development of the break-through Chrissanthie Eye Care range of cosmetics is a collaboration between Dr Chrissie Cockinos, Christine Deist and Brunational Manufacturing. Brunational is a supplier and manufacturer of top quality cosmetic products (SABS and ISO9001:2008 accredited), with the ability to attend to individual products needs and requirements.

Pharmacist Collaboration

Our Technical Director Christine Deist has worked in collaboration with Brunational Manufacturing to develop an eye care range that delivers in terms of nourishing, moisturising, protecting and regenerating the delicate area around the eyes….usually the first tell-tale sign of ageing!

Ophthalmologist Tested

The testing of the subjects was performed by a single investigator ophthalmologist with current GCP (Good Clinical Practice) Certification and Clinical Trial Experience as a Principal Investigator in numerous clinical trials.

Amazon Five Star Reviews

Thank you so much! to our valued customers who have given Chrissanthie the most wonderful 5 Star Reviews on Amazon

Product Subject Testing

Testing of the subjects was performed by a single investigator ophthalmologist with current GCP (Good Clinical Practice) Certification and Clinical Trial Experience as a Principal Investigator in numerous clinical trials.

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