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Chrissanthie Eyelid & Lash Cleanser with Tea Tree

Eyelid & Lash Cleanser

  • A revolutionary eyelid shampoo – an all-in-one cleanser perfect for use with eyelash extensions, Chrissanthie Eyelid Cleanser is a convenient, effective way to gently clean and condition the delicate eyelid and eyelashes.
  • Chrissanthie Eyelid Cleanser gentle formula can be used as a daily makeup remover and eyelash cleanser.
  • Chrissanthie Eyelid Cleanser completely cleanses and sanitises the eyelids and removes makeup. Its gentle formula ensures it will not break down adhesives used in eyelash extensions.

Contains Tea Tree and Citrus extracts to:

  • Completely cleanses and sanitises the eyelids
  • Removes all traces of eye makeup including long-wear products
  • Will not break down adhesives used in eyelash extensions
  • Great for cleansing makeup artist brushes and tools
  • Ideal for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers, leaving the eyes feeling cool and relieved without any oily residue

The ORIGINAL revolutionary Eyelid and Eyelash Extension Cleanser by well-known ophthalmologist Dr Chrissie Cockinos

Chrissanthie Lid Cleanser is a unique cleansing formula that not only effectively removes eye make-up (even waterproof mascara) but also facilitates the mechanical removal of secretions/crusting on the eyelids arising from conditions such as blepharitis.

30% or more of children and up to 50% of adults may suffer from Blepharitis

Blepharitis is an infection of the eye lash follicles and is usually accompanied by an overgrowth of Bacteria called staphylococcus. Proper eyelid hygiene is important for blepharitis, dry eye or other conditions.

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